Free user research and UX design worth up to 5000 €

Good news! You can now get user research and
other UX design for free up to 5000 euros


Simpler has been selected as Tekes Innovation service provider. You can get user research, usability testing, building prototypes and other service design for your company. Tekes pays the bills up to 5000 euros.


Yes. They have new Innovaatioseteli-concept where they offer to pay bills for innovative things. It helps you to get more data and validation for your start-up or other company. You order services from me and I will send the invoice to Tekes. You will not pay anything, at any point of the process.

Read more about Innovaatioseteli at Tekes website (seems like it’s currently in Finnish only):

Hurry up, my calendar is filling up with new requests.

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Who me?


I’m Lasse Arola, 36 years old UX-designer from Helsinki. I have experience for over 15 years and I offer wide range of services for my clients: User research, user testing, interaction design, prototype design and building. The full scale of all aspects of UX design. I can also build full-scale websites and webstores and I keep my programming skills up to date for modern requirements.

I have worked last 6 years as an independent designer but I have also work experience from Finland and internationally.

My clients range vary from large companies to advertisement agencies and to Finnish startup companies.

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Twitter: @lassearola
Phone: +358 (0) 404889305

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